Online Casino Payouts


Online casino payout is no doubt a very important factor that needs to be considered while selecting an online casino. It has been observed that most of the online casinos publish their payout percentages but make sure that a reliable third party has verified this rate. There is no doubt in the fact that payouts, which are audited, contribute significantly to the reputation of an online casino.


You may get confused between the online casino payouts and land-based casino payouts. But their calculation procedure is almost similar. In fact, online casinos have better chances than their land-based counterparts. The payout percentage shown at a casino basically indicates what amount of the total money bet by gamblers is being paid out to the winners. As for example, if the payout percentage is 97.2%, then 97.2% of the entire money bet at the online casino will be paid as the winnings. Most of the online casinos also publish individual payout percentages for the game of gambling, like, video poker and slots.


Now the question may arise that does these online casino really pays out this percentage? This is why; you need to check out the verification certificate issued by independent organizations, such as, eCogra (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), Online Players Association (OPA) etc. There is no doubt in the fact that if a casino can acquire certification from one of these bodies, a player does not have to think about the casino’s payout percentage rate.


There still remains a confusion regarding a good payout percentage. According to most of the player’s opinion a payout percentages can only be called good if it is over 96.5%. This is because; it indicates that the casino is retaining 3.5% on a net wagering basis. It has been observed that a reputed online casino never fails to update its certificates on monthly basis and if you can show the report carefully you will find this percentage payout rates vary slightly from month to month. This is why; it is advisable to remain updated about those staff so that you can proceed on the right path by taking informed decisions.