Online Casino Bonuses


The popularity of an online casino is quite dependent on its bonus offers and different reward programs. There is no doubt in the fact that bonuses are profitable offers to attract the people to the site. The more the gamer will play online games, the more they will get the chances to win loads of bonuses. Some of the online casinos provide such decent offers that the player immediately feel the urge to try out his luck playing any of the online games of gambling from that sites. Though different casino sites offer different types of online casino bonuses, some of the most popular among them are mentioned below:


  • Monthly Bonus - This type of bonus is specially meant for the players who return to the site for a second time. A specific percentage is calculated on the basis of the deposited money of the player and a bonus is provided on a monthly basis. The monthly bonus is mainly given for drawing the attention of the players and to encourage them to come back again and again to the same online casino site.
  • High Roller Bonus - Nowadays many of the casino players spend huge amount of money in betting at an online casino. For this kind of people the online casino provides a special type of bonus called high roller bonus. The players who call for high monetary bets at a casino are often termed as a high roller, whereas the bonus is called the high roller bonus.
  • Sign Up Bonus - This bonus is offered to the new players as soon as they sign up for players’ account. This is also called a welcome bonus. This bonus is of 2 types. They are as follows:
    • No Deposit Bonus- As a new member to the online casino, a player is often provided with free credits for playing the game so that initially he does not have to deposit any money.
    • Match Bonus – With this type of bonus you can double your deposited amount at a casino site. In fact there are several online casinos, which offer the exact amount of money that a new player deposits.

The above-mentioned bonuses are some of the most common ones offered by the good casino sites.